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How to support our Archive.

The Ideias no Escuro Archive is a Family, Personal and Family, Commercial and Industrial Photography, Film and Video file, originating from donations, materials found and other purchased (auctions, purchases from individuals, etc.)

Our aim is to ensure that these types of files that normally disappear or never end up coming out of a drawer, or that often end up destroyed or in a waste bin, do not disappear, and are kept as a document with the historical value that is in it associated.

These materials that make up our archive are cleaned, organized, digitized, and packaged. Its use has been diverse, from academic research, to reuse by artists and directors. We also have an editorial project with the publication and edition of Author’s Books and Films based on the archival materials.

The archive has been growing with acquisitions and already many donations, which raises some problems, logistical, human resources, material resources and facilities to accommodate everything in the best possible conditions.

The sources of income of the archive are very scarce, we only get some return on the sale of publications that we make based on the Archive, and some services of digitalization of photography and video.

In order to try to continue this project in a sustainable way we decided to join Patreon, where you will be able within your will and possibility to support us in this project that we want to continue to see grow and develop.

Donate archival materials.

You have old cassettes, photos, negatives, films at home, make your donation, contact us to know how to do it.



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