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“Tabu, Privately Owned”
by Maria Ganem.

UNTIL 30/04/2020.

Maria Ganem made the short film “Tabu, Proprietada Privada”, using 8mm films from our archive. These films originate from a collection of reels purchased at a flea market in Paris, where the predominant theme is films by French families traveling through the islands of Tahiti in the 1960s.

“Taboo, Private Property” a film by Maria Ganem. Created from archival images of French tourists, who traveled to Tahiti during the 1960s, Tabu problematizes the encounter of these individuals and the island’s native population, in a reflection on tourism and colonialism.

Obtained an Honorable Mention in Porto / Pos / Doc in 2018.

And he was in competition at Doclisboa 18.