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We are changing our Archive to a new platform (Flickr) and is confident that it will greatly improve the organization and delivery of all our Archive.

The size of the Archive, fortunately, took proportions that led us to make this decision.

So let’s invitation to explore all our pictures and movies / ideiasnoescuroarchive /

If you are looking images or movies of a specific topic and can not find, or want to know if we have, contact us:

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Transfer Tape Video-8, hi-8, VHS, (S) VHS (S) VHS-C, mini-DV, Digital-8, U-matic, Betamax, Betacam SP to Digital

Tapes tends to be damaged with moisture. Its proper packaging is very important not to lose your footage.
Avoid losing your memories by converting your old tapes to DVD and share them with family and friends.
In this new digital format your tapes can easily be edited on your computer, where you can also add soundtrack.


Sample transfer VHS-C to digital.


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Ideias no Escuro , Audiovisual Services, Image Archive and Shop of Photography, Video and Cinema.

Ideias no Escuro Archive provides a collection of stock images, from photo arquives, private collections, family memories, that come to us either by donation or purchase.

The Image Bank consists in two main families: Photographic Archive and Videographic Archive.
It’s divided by subjects, each one organized chronologically. All pictures, movies or videos have several labels wich allows you to search those subjects.
For more information about purchasing images, movies or videos please contact us…

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Photo Digital Restoration

Over time photographs printed on paper tear, get spoild and lose their color. It’s possible to recover your memories through digital restoration.
Negatives, glass plates and slides are often subjected to moisture and poor storage, causing several damages, mold or stains. With digital restoration you can avoid losing your photos forever.


Example of Digital Restoration of Glass Plate





Example of Digital Restoration of a 35mm color slide.




The condition of the photographs can be very diverse, ask for cost estimate.

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Scanning Prints, Albums, Documents

Turn your old photo albums to digital format.
Photos printed on paper tend to get damaged and lose color over time, scan your photos and save your memories.
There are memories that we want to keep forever, scanning your documents allows you to easily organize your family arquives.


Example of b&w photo scanning



Example of  color photo scanning



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Scanning of Photo negatives, Slides, Glass plates

View and share easily old pictures in your computer.
Negatives and slides are sensitive to the passing of time and improper storage, easily degrading.
Scanning your images will ensure that your memories are not lost and it will be much easier to organize your photos in a digital archive.


Scan of 120 b&w negative



Scan of 35mm slide


Scan of integral color 35mm negative



Scan of b&w 35mm negative



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